Saturday, October 16, 2021

Team Play Chapter 3 - Tag Team

Release Year: 2021
Studio: TwinkTop

The sexual energy of a healthy young man can't be underestimated or unappreciated. These guys are are at their physical peak and are surging with hormones and pheromones that make them eager to fuck. Tom Bentley is no exception. The handsome jock catches the attention of almost everyone he encounters, but the older male leaders at his school have a special liking for him. His principal and coaches, especially, can't get enough of his beautiful body and spirit, making them absolutely ravenous for the chance to taste his cock. After Coach Cox told his colleagues of the amazing fuck he had with Tom, Principal Ballard and Coach Charger couldn't wait for a chance to give up their holes to him as well. Tom jumped at the opportunity to take on the three men at once, happy to play out his fantasy of being the top to a group of hungry, horny, handsome daddies. Fresh from a practice and a bit worked up and sweaty, the three men immediately began to paw at the boy's body, feeling his ! youthful muscles as they got big whiffs of his musky scent. He had the woody fragrance of a champion, something that made them all horny as hell. They pulled off his pants and underwear as he stood tall, enjoying the attention and worship that came from being the hot young top among them. He watched as they took turns swallowing his growing cock, tasting his tight hole, and kneeling around him like a king. It excited him to see these powerful, matured, muscular men all serving him. When he ordered them onto the couch, he saw them obey him like they'd never done before. It was always his place to follow their orders and instructions. Now, these men would do anything he asked them to, all for the chance to get his hard cock and load up their holes. He couldn't help but admire them, still. He respected the hell out of these men, perhaps even more that they were bending over and showing him their big, firm asses. One by one, he gave them a firm squeeze. They had the size and s! trength of men who had worked hard all their lives; bigger and! rounder than anything he saw on men his own age. As he slid his cock between Principal Ballard's muscular cheeks, he saw his cock disappear into his hole, feeling the administrator's hole wrap tightly around his unsheathed manhood. It was unreal to be fucking his principal. All the times he'd thought about playing by the rules and making a good impression, he never once imagined it would lead to the older man whispering "more" through his deep, pleasure-laden moans. Tom kept looking down, holding his hips and feeling his balls swell up with cum. Whenever he looked up, he saw the proud gazes of his coaches encouraging him to keep going. It was a heady experience, but one that Tom did not intend to end too soon. Pulling his cock out of Principal Ballard's hole, he proceeded to bend Coach Charger over in a similar fashion. The silver-bearded muscle arched his back and presented his backside like he was made for fucking. And as Tom pulled off his shorts and saw his ! furry, round ass and tight hole, he knew that Charger had built himself a body exactly for that. Coach Charger took Tom's bare cock with some difficulty, letting out a loud grunt as his hole split apart and took the young man's cock. He was tighter than Tom imagined, but his insides massaged the boy's shaft perfectly. Tom could have lost his nut right then and there, but he knew he had one more hole to go. Seeing Coach Cox's smooth, toned ass positioned right beside Charger, Tom immediately flashed back to what it was like to fuck him before. He knew he could unload into him and give him every drop of his prime, youthful cum and he would still beg for more. Giving a few decisive pushes into his gut, Tom's cock once again dominated the older man's body, making him submit to his need to breed...
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Format: mp4
Duration: 21:34
Video: 1920x1080, AVC (H.264), 4972kbps
Audio: 313kbps

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